NEW & improved project dates

Hello again,
Just a quick note on some date changes recently decided by yours truly and advisory committee based on most recent research and project planning. Let’s not rush a good thing! The end of summer is getting super busy for many collaborators, and I’d prefer not to add any more items to people’s to-do list right now.PLUS, during the last couple of weeks of L.A. research, I feel like I struck gold with some of the people and projects that I became acquainted with. I’d like to give some time to play catch-up!
Thanks, irisporter

Dear Closeted Writers,

Please write about why you love L.A. and how community inspires creativity and why people don’t quit their daydreams. It’s my daydream to make more books, and I need your help keeping this dream alive.

The deadline for submissions has been pushed back to November 16th, so please keep up the good work and be in touch if you have any questions that aren’t answered on the COLLABORATE portion of this “blog”.

Thank you for your interest and patience.

Dear potential collaborator,

Want to help make a really great book? DIYinLAX is about how community inspires creativity and why people don’t quit their daydreams; it’s a cultural study of Los Angeles, California.

DIYinLAX was recently funded through kickstarter, and now comes the really fun part: finishing the book in time for its release date of November 16, 2012!

The book will be a compact 6″ square format (perfect for both bedside and coffee tables as well as trips to the beach or something to keep in your glove box for passengers who may become stuck in traffic with you). DIYinLAX will contain interviews, profiles, how-to tutorials written by and/or about Do-It-Yourselfers.This could include you!

Want to write a profile about your project? Or interview a friend/collaborator? Maybe even write or draw instructions to make something?

Submissions should be between 300-1,200 words and should include information related to the theme of this project including a definition of DIY, how community inspires creativity, and why people don’t quit their daydreams.

Images should be submitted in high resolution JPEG format (i.e. no smaller than 4×6 inches at 300 dpi).

June 15, 2012 RSVP  to with proposed content of submission*
July 31, 2012 submission deadline*
November 16, 2012 BOOK RELEASE

*All submissions are subject to editorial review and not all submissions may be included in the final project.


DIYinLAX was successfully funded through! Many thanks to all of the people who became backers and/or supported this project by sharing the link and spreading the word. Now comes the really fun part: finishing the book! Release date: November 16, 2012

IT’S ALSO NOT TOO LATE to pre-order a copy of the limited first edition. Simply send $25USD via paypal to (PLEASE ADD $10 for international orders).